What happened to lightfield slugs

what happened to lightfield slugs The Hunting Gear for Enthusiasts. _ Randy Fritz told me the other day that he s weeks away from introducing a full bore size 20 gauge shotgun slug that will exceed 2 000 feet per second out of the barrel and still pack a 62 caliber wallop downrange of 200 yards. My question is can I reload these slugs with my shells and equipment I m firing them through a brand new Mossberg 500 24 rifled barrel Oh I m using Rem primers too. Photo LightField Studios Shutterstock When this whole pandemic lockdown business started a few months ago a lot of people settled in for what we thought would be a few weeks maybe even a Jun 25 2020 Rubber bullets were used in the 1970s and are seldom used today having been superseded by the visually similar plastic bullet. I just personally like the ballistics on a more bullet shaped slug for longer range and flatter trajectory. quot These were common projectiles for muskets and shotguns any sort of smooth bore long arm for a long time. These are mainly muzzleloading slugs and can be cast varying hardnesses. I also had a few boxes of Federal Powershok Sabot slugs. For instance Van Steenbergen says you ll want to take note if they don t show concern about what happened or if their responses are rude. October 26 2019 at 5 42 pm 1887072. On most ammunition products buy 10 units and get 5 off. What can go wrong amp what can go good. May 14 2019 Even my Lee Slugs will roll up onto their nose with little assistance. Hunters target shooters military history buffs ammunition reloaders and cartridge collectors alike will find all the answers to their cartridge and shotshell questions in this comprehensive book that includes 1 500 cartridges. 73 caliber rubber projectile designed for what Lightfield refers to as mid range use 20 40 yards . But one of the guys that worked there volunteered. I 39 ve chronographed them and have seen huge velocity variation over 300fps but it did not translate to an increase in groups on paper.

Thank You Robert Santini robertsantini att. By ordering this Ammunition you certify you are of legal age and satisfy all federal state and local legal regulatory requirements to purchase this Ammunition. round stayed in the thoracic cavity nice and chewed up the lungs bad. Fed has a smooth bore slug that 39 s rifled with low recoil which could perform better. No sight adjustment was required. Long Range Accuracy The main draw of the sabot slug is the phenomenal accuracy when compared to a standard slug fired through a standard shotgun. Sabots and designs like the Buckhammer and Lightfield are definitely the ticket for accuracy at longer ranges most are so expensive they are not worth the money. com Dec 30 2019 LightField Studios_shutterstock. We offer Gun Maintenance and Gun Smithing Services. Get one today and shoot Lightfield 2 3 4 quot sabot slugs through it. The three boxs of slugs that I took to the range were Remington Premier Copper Solids 2 3 4 Remington Premier Accu Tip 2 3 4 and Winchester Safety Parts Rifle Parts at. non expanding slug it is a true Dangerous Game slug bullet at 1200 FPS out of a 20 Inch barrel. This allows the spin to become true to the rifling of your firearm making spin rate Sep 22 2016 These Lightfield loads lose velocity very rapidly and are not heat treated to act more like solids like the Dixie IXL DGS Dangerous Game Slug. If I remember right it was a . Apr 05 2016 The Ultra Slug Hunter was that rare and wonderful thing a gun that sold for peanuts and shot like a million bucks. Tim might have just become the youngest hunter in New Jersey to harvest a bear. Military were applied to a pure Lightfield slugs. Dec 29 2018 Dixie designed his slug as requested by experienced shooters in Alaska.

Mar 25 2013 The well hit bear ran about 30 yards before piling up He went a slightly different route and was using a Remington model 870 pump with Lightfield slugs that were handloaded. Jun 29 2020 I recently obtained a document report put out by the Lightfield Ammunition Corp. com iv Sep 24 2016 These Lightfield loads lose velocity very rapidly and are not heat treated to act more like solids like the Dixie IXL DGS Dangerous Game Slug. Monday morning my dad took a small buck aroun 10 am. 45 caliber bullets Firearm Ammunition and Components. Aug 13 2019 I 39 ve killed deer with many different slugs. I said to shoot it And they said no to be the guinea pig. 730 quot 600 grain slug at 1 500 fps. 31 Mar 2016 Lightfield Ammunition knock down power on whitetail deer. Old people host dinner parties where a meal is the centerpiece alcohol is marveled over and consumed in moderation and everyone is home by 9 p. Never had an issue with them and they are plenty accurate in the 1100. Knowing the slug s trajectory is important too. If you shot that many rounds through it it may be hatched. May 27 2009 Bear Slugs in 12Ga. Plus nobody wakes up the next morning and can 39 t remember how they got home or what happened to their shoes. Five Round Box Features and Specifications Manufacturer Number PR12CS Gauge 12 Gauge Type Hollow Point Sabot Slug Length of Shell 2 3 4 quot Weight of In fact RUAG loads the ammo with the same load data slugs and sabots as the Hastings ammo. I was planning on using Remington or Hornady sabot slugs but was ve Regular slugs can be had for 3 v.

Those barrels are made to shoot sabots only and even copper solid slugs are discouraged for use. Even so in 2015 Remington Cerberus ceased production of all H amp R single shots Dec 02 2011 Because Lightfield s slug and sabot expand and become locked together they aquire spin as a single object. Less recoil means more confidence and with the 20 gauge Copper Solid Sabot Slug 39 s terminal performance that means more game. 9 Mar 2016 The new slug design from Lightfield Ammunition provides a flat shooting hard hitting round for a variety of big game. Dec 02 2011 the guy that runs the slugsrus website is the same guy that pitched the design of the slug and patent to Lightfield in the mid 90 39 s. Aug 23 2020 Comparison shop for in stock ammunition guns mags and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all in one place AmmoSeek. My 870 slug barrel a smoothbore would shoot 3 quot groups at 100 yards so they aren 39 t really awful just not as accurate as a rifled barrel and sabots. Having said that my mom has a rossi 20 gauge and its was extremely accurate with the lightfield slugs. The entry hole had intestines coming out of it. Aug 14 2015 Today Lightfield Ammunition Corporation continues to innovate offering a full line of 20 16 and 12 gauge hunting slugs for the discriminating big game hunter slugs that chamber like a rifle cartridge and provide consistent rifle like accuracy with the downrange energy knockdown power and controlled expansion that only a large pure lead projectile can deliver. quot Slug Performance Discussion in 39 Indiana Whitetail Hunting 39 started by NDhunter Nov 21 2007. Chris Loading slugs with a shot shell loader is do a able. The first shotgun quot slugs quot were probably round lead quot pumpkin balls. Apr 09 2019 Young people host parties where there 39 s loud music limitless booze and dancing. Standing shot using 4x4 post as leaning support at 100 yards after minor sighting tweaking from the year before. The 35 rem passed through both doors though.

Shot him at 15 yards with a 12GA Lightfield slug from my Remington 1100 slug barrel with Truglo fiber optic rifle sights. I have always wanted to use a slug gun for deer hunting but had always been told including Lightfield that 39 s 4 companies different types of sabots and slugs from each one. The only smoothbore slug gun I still own is a 870 w 19 quot IC rifle sighted barrel at 50yds I can put all 5 3 quot Black Magic Magnums from Brenneke into 5 quot pretty darn fast. Rob Liefeld was born October 3 1967 the youngest child of a Baptist minister and a part time secretary. Buckmasters is the 1 source for everything deer hunting. Brenneke Super Sabot slugs are loaded with an interesting lead free projectile and are intended for use in fully rifled barrels. We keep hearing so many local guys rave about the Lightfield slugs that we keep on trying them probably tried shooting groups with them 3 or 4 different years in 3 different guns but never got accuracy any better than a smoothbore. These slugs are available in 12 and 16 gauge and are a high velocity stable slugs that are made for larger game at long distances. Available slugs continue to change. Shop a full line of Lightfield products at MidwayUSA. 73 quot slugs put more whoop azz on a deer than those skinny old sabots too. I would say I have killed well over 50 deer with slugs if not getting close to 100. Why stake your hunt on inferior shotgun slugs When the buck of a lifetime steps out at 150 yards squeeze the trigger with confidence. Shot taken with a 12 gauge Browning A bolt shotgun using 2 3 4 quot Lightfield slugs. 5 inch but all nbsp Anyone seeing them anywhere Father in law shoots them out of the 12 gauge. Devastating Lightfield packed these with soft lead slugs that expand on impact for maximum damage. Good Luck Dec 18 2004 I clean it regularly but still have it jam on me after installing a Sure Cycle recoil spring.

Jan 30 2007 That Lightfield video is a crock 1 there is no way at all of knowing what slugs were actually being fired. Attachments I 39 ve been shooting a lot of slugs as of late 2 3 4 quot amp 3 quot and have found the Lightfield product line very accurate but they are not cheap. That second bead in the middle of the barrel does help in sighting on some shotties. Dont waiste your time looking anywere else. I did pickup an LF industry related acronym NELFD for Near Eye LightField Display Last edited Aug 7 2016 Sep 25 2019 A friend gave me a few slugs about 15 years ago. Two loads of birdshot to say hello 3 Lightfield Sabot Slugs to say goodbye. 223 Remington ammunition for sale with free shipping on bulk ammunition orders available only at Target Sports USA. Oct 10 2011 For the last several years a company called The Freedom Group has been buying up gun and ammunition manufacturers. With home defense you have to consider over penetration. Box of 5 Lightfield Commander 12 Gauge 3 quot 1 3 8 oz. Lightfield offers discriminating slug gun hunters a new PRO 12 gauge round that combines the proven IDS design with a lighter faster 465 grain pure lead slug that shoots flatter than a Lightfield Wildlife Control Less Lethal Ammunition 12 Gauge 2 3 4 quot Mid Range Rubber Slug Box of 5 Our price 10. A Leopold scope sat on top of his gun which performed well as you expect a Leopold product to do. A company training video for the Nova ammunition posted on YouTube shows it being used by SWAT teams to blast open a locked door. Just for the heck of it I bought some Lightfield slugs because they were on sale and about half the price of the Hornadys. Also the Lightfield IDS Commander Plus incorporates a 1 3 8 oz 600 grain 73 caliber slug at 1700 FPS producing 3850 ft lbs at the barrel. I remember one time they were field testing rubber buckshot for the military and asked me if I would volunteer. Fritz rightfully regarded as Jun 30 2013 I like Foster type slugs a lot as they are economical and very effective at 50 75yds. Jul 12 2019 LightField Studio Shutterstock.

Sabot slugs conversely are designed for rifled barrel shotguns. For my drillings so far only my 12 12 9. In 1934 that was a lot of money and this restricted the ownership of these items to the hyper rich 200 in 1934 had the buying power of 3 800 today . Good Luck Butch Both my slug guns will shoot the Lightfield IDS commander slugs into groups averaging around 2. May 12 2007 My father just bought the rifled slug barrel for his Winchester 1300 12 gauge and brought it up this weekend to try it out. Wilhelm Brenneke 1865 1951 was a German cartridge designer who s contribution to the development of sophisticated rifle and shotgun cartridges is largely overlooked outside his native Europe. We chose a powerful slug load for testing the Lightfield along with the Remington slugger and the Benelli gave good results although recoil was stout with the formidable Lightfield. Additional Information Hybrid EXP shotgun ammunition is nbsp Lightfield packed these with soft lead slugs that expand on impact for devastating damage. Just like a badminton birdie the lighter wad or 39 shuttlecock 39 stays attached to the slug while in flight giving the projectile stability while supersonic and prevents shockwave deflection when the projectile becomes subsonic 4 . Using slugs with locked on bases and RG 39 s hollowbase jacketed slug in 3. 5 of bad guys are stopped and you get to live out your days not second guessing yourself possibly in prison for 10yrs to life. 1 its made on There has been a major change in sabots over the last four years however. smoothbore slug barreled 1100 for close to 30 years.

If shooting 1 projectile at a time a handgun would be much better. We shot a lot of different manufacturers slugs both 2 3 4 quot and 3 quot through that gun. Top 823727 12 13 07 03 30 PM Re Smoothbore Slug Gun Accuracy Re Keystone 224 Valkyrie. So I found a used Savage 220 on Gunbroker and after some research found all good things about these. One example is the value of 200 dollars. Remington accutips Remington coppersolids lightfield and hornady all make high quality sabot slugs in 12ga. May 23 2010 A Lightfield company rep told The Firearms Blog how they envisioned their rounds being used Our main premise for this line was giving shooters a choice. They offer one of the only available 3 1 2 inch slugs on the market whoa . Chokes of MI or I help in slug shooting out of a smooth bore. HOG WILD hevi shot a snappy look Duration 1 55. Upon the signal I disengaged the safety and fired the first two shots at 5 yards as if I were repelling a home invader. This benchmark volume is the foremost source for cartridge information. Winchester Ammunition manufactures ammo for all shooting activities including hunting sport target and personal defense. 30 06 got it all sighted in and nbsp so i shoot remington accutips out of my slug gun and it seems to love em can i have shot lightfields 2. It offers tremendous knockdown power up to 100 60 yards.

Federal Premium 2 3 4 quot Sabots 1. TarHunt has built guns for Remington Winchester Federal Marlin and some foreign manufactures of slug gun ammo. Hail lightning thunder tornado sirens the works. The Lightfield slug is supposed to be the most accurate shotgun slug there is. Jun 24 2016 The corporation that manufactures the Nova rounds Lightfield Ammunition warns they should never be fired directly at humans or pets or the quot less lethal quot ammunition could be lethal. May 11 2020 We then loaded the magazine tube with two Hornady 4 buckshot shells two Speer Lawman 00 buckshot shells two Remington Express 00 buckshot shells and two Lightfield slugs. This rifle ammunition is made by popular industry leading brands. AR 15 Barrel Twist Rates Tom McHale. Lightfield Announces PRO Hunting Slug Round for Bucks Boars and Bears Lightfield Unveils New Video Explaining Sabot Slug Technology Lightfield Scores Big with North American Hunt Club Members Lightfield expands on Home Defense line of products Hear what Tony Stokes has to say about our Lightfield slugs. The world s best MSR 15 cartridge just got better. Discover innovative accurate and reliable ammo for rifles shotguns and handguns. Buy whatever ammo you can find during these strange times.

Since last year the Liberty Hunt also combines the early antlerless season at the same time. Search best in stock ammo guns magazines and reloading components for the cheapest prices online in 2020 Jan 13 2013 Saboted slugs have lead cores with a copper jacket. Out of my 24 quot barrel its doing 1300FPS. Oct 23 2013 Im not very knowledgeable when it comes to shotguns Have always been a rifle guy. For example Smith said one of Lightfield s most deer hunting loads popular loads can be sighted in to a tight group at 100 yards. 20 per round Our Price May 05 2010 When I hunt with a shotgun I use the Lightfield hybrid exp slugs. Then with my Hastings barrel for a time federal made an hour glassed shaped sabot slug that shot 2 in. Lightfield EXP 39 s or Hornady SST 39 s Michigan Sportsman Online www. I gave him a couple of my Lightfield Hybrid EXP sabot slugs to shoot through it and the when he fired the action came all the way open and ejected the shell without any intervention. Been Hunting zone 4 all week state land. Lightfield Ammunition Corporation specializes in manufacturing the hardest hitting most accurate saboted slugs available to today 39 s hunters for use in their rifled shotgun barrels even at extended ranges. For those individuals Lightfield developed its 16 gauge 2 inch Commander IDA Plus shells.

groups out of my barrel at 100 yds. We carry JUST Lightfield Commander IDS Shotshell Slug 12 Gauge 1 1 16 oz Sabot Slug Box of 10. com forum threads lightfield exps or hornady ssts. This is designed for rapid expansion shedding ALL energy within the width of a whitetail nbsp Lightfield Ammunition 20 Gauge 385 Grain Saboted Slug Shots. If you can still find them an awesome 100yrd and less performer I love is Active Foster slugs made by Lightfield sabot slug company. Today 60 percent of slug sales are made up of common rifled slugs or full bore slugs fired from smoothbore shotguns. After zeroing at 50 yards I pushed out to 75 yds just to get a feel of how the sabots are going to perform even though I didnt have that stock in yet and the LOP Aug 24 2011 Lightfield also has another line of ammunition they call the Commander IDS Plus Series. Lightfield Ammunition is the ONLY munitions manufacturer that can offer SameSiteTM Accuracy Because of our patented saboted slug technologies we are the only manufacturer to offer quot SameSiteTM Accuracy quot . One is the Lightfield Commander IDS Plus 3 quot 12 ga. Nov 23 2011 Ive been shooting the older style felt wad Brenneke 2 3 4 inch slugs in my 12 ga. Out of a cylinder choked barrel I averaged 3. After many years of hunting all manner of big game all over the world he and brother Mark have refined a system for building impressive and repeatable accuracy with what they call designated slug guns DSG . Nov 23 2004 From 1993 to the present TarHunt has sold bolt action slug guns domestically to Europe African and Japanese markets. As with all Hornady products only the highest quality raw materials are used and our manufacturing process and quality control procedures lead the industry in consistency and efficiency. 005 quot deep grooves that run the length of the bore.

It is OK to discuss what happened and what made the person decide to cheat but do not fester on it and keep bringing it up. The reason I use the other two instead of the IDS is they drop allot less out to 200yrds because they both weigh 385 grains were as the IDS weighs 465 grains and suffers from a poor BC as compared to the other two. Aug 31 2015 _After a few thousand rounds and lots of shoulder pain Randy Fritz might have come up with the next best thing in 20 gauge slug ammo. For a rifled barrel I use the Lightfield Commanders. 5 inch slugs for a while now and they are sold out everywhere. Box of 5 Lightfield Hybred TM EXP 20 Gauge 2 3 4 quot 7 8 oz. Just don 39 t want to lead up the barrel. The slug is probably going to go through a few walls. Jerry Miculek Pro Shooter 1 526 788 views The Impact Discarding Sabot IDS projectile couples a soft lead slug with a plastic sabot that remains with the slug during flight to provide stability and improve accuracy. 410 personal defense ammunition testing in SlowMo 4K Duration 7 40. 0 quot for a 3 shot 100yrd group. Nov 11 2001 Deer gun Zero Question General Rifles and Shotguns Nov 24 2012 I thought it was a doe but is actually a button buck. For a smooth bore the Breennke are your best bet Accuracy is exceptional producing groups of 2 inches or less from Remington 39 s fully rifled slug barrels. What could be the problem 12 22 2004 03 13 PM Message edited by bootster Sep 24 2010 I bought some very expensive Lightfield sabots for my son 39 s Ithaca 37 Deerslayer which happened to be my Dad 39 s amp is a 16 gauge smoothbore amp at the 50 yard line would be lucky to hit a pizza box opened up pizza box amp of the few that did hit the target they were hitting sideways. Tonight i shot this 7pt 4pm 110 yards 870 lightfield slugs.

The scope you put on is up to you but this gun with the Lightfields is an absoloute tack driver. At 25 yards the three shot groups were as small as 2 inches often with two slug imprints touching. Designed by Tony Kinchen the Lightfield expanded readily and proved deadly on deer size game. is a third generation family business that was first established by Charles E. I didn 39 t like the on game results from the Hornady SST slugs. And for the long range the Barrett 50 Semi auto. Brenneke 3 inch 1 1 8 ounce Super Sabot. com There s more misunderstanding surrounding AR 15 barrel twist rates than the electoral college s secret faculty lounge and doomsday bunker under the Denver International Airport. A close examination of big game record books quickly reveals one strikingly consistent fact the overwhelming majority of trophy book whitetails are found in shotgun slug only states. Brenekke KO 435gr 2700 Lightfield 460 gr 2600 . Dec 20 2011 Never hurts to give it a try. Upon impact the slug exhibits controlled yet devastating expansion. He and his sister seven years his senior grew up in Anaheim California. Whether you hunt whitetails with a rifle shotgun compound bow recurve bow or any other method Buckmasters will help you be a better hunter and learn more about whitetail deer. So in my opinion they would be better for black bear or your shots against something like a grizzly or brown bear would require more care to place them into the rib cage.

com collections man can AMAZON Store https amzn. I 39 ve had mine for probably 15 years and it has always performed better than any other gun I have quot shot quot against. He crashed en route but was still alive when we got him there. All these slugs have one thing in common. Apr 03 2008 Slugs for home protection would not be something that I would recommend. The 12 gauge slugs weigh 11 4 ounces 547 grains and have a published muzzle velocity of 1500 fps for the 23 4 inch load and 1625 fps for the 3 inch. I had a Bushnell 3x 9x slug scope mounted on the gun. High brass loads and buckshot deliver Buy LIGHTFIELD 12Ga 2 3 4 quot Rubber Slug 5 Pack GunBroker is the largest seller of Shotgun Shells Ammunition All Anyone have any info on sabot slugs as to which shoots best and best priced Just got a Mossberg 500 rifled barrel and wondering if anyone has any words about them. That is a shame if that is what happened. It will take time to sort out the truth about what happened. Could it be that my gun just plain does not like the Hornady slugs. I sent several emails stating my complaint but nothing but bogus response and sounding like nothing happened. Oct 13 2009 The Internet 39 s Best Resource for Shotgun Information Most slug shooters will only use slugs in their dedicated slug shooting firearm and not mix shooting with shots. Pool Builder in NJ Serving North NJ amp Shore Area 953 RT 33 . concerning their development of ALPHA bulleted ammunition which provides background information for these previous Forum discussions PDF of the Lightfield Ammunition Corp. Drove an hour get there they said they sold the car an hour ago. Choose Wholesale Hunter for all your ammunition needs. Also shot 2 or so to get a group.

You may be place on the ground locked in the back of a patrol car or taken to jail. The 12 bore cartridges were more like a 72 caliber Monolithic bullet than a modern slug. This ensures a perfect fit of the slug within the plastic sabot and optimal accuracy. Shotguns are usually used to prevent this in the first place. I just got my scope back from Leupold for my 11 87 12 ga. Oct 11 2015 Was able to try out some of lightfields Hybred Exp 2 3 4 12 ga. I tell them everything that happened at the range. For example a Taurus Judge loaded w 2 rubber buck followed by 3 lead loads gives the shooter a chance to send a painful warning. Marines Exceeding the Expectations of The Most Demanding Dear Randy What makes lightfield ammo specifically the 3 commander IDS and the Commander IDS Plus 3. In the late 1980 s the patented technologies that went into creating the Lightfield Alpha rounds for the U. I couldn 39 t find a 16 guage slug that would work in that gun but I keep looking. Mar 31 2009 I bought a scoped rifled slug barrel for my 870 from a fellow trap shooter that came with some hornady sabot slugs that he had been using. 58cal cast slugs for good fit with the OD measurement of sabot at . Hard hitting accurate IDS Impact Discarding Sabot Ammo from Lightfield features a lead slug in tandem with a plastic sabot that stabilizes the slug until it finds its mark. woods until after Lightfield came along and others most notably Remington nbsp It 39 s a cryin 39 shame for a lot of reasons says Brian Smith co host of Lightfield Wild he says what would happen if you took your . com Slug gun hunters know the devastating combination of accuracy and knockdown power afforded by Lightfield s proven Hybred line of shotgun hunting slugs. Some of the companies are Bushmaster Marlin Remington DPMS Dakota Arms and H amp R.

I am trying to find out what it shoots the best and with slugs costing 9. Lightfield Ammunition the industry Leader in sabot slug technology has produced it 39 s Hybred Series of sabot slugs to take shotgun accuracy to a level that has nbsp Lightfield has set the bar for quality sabot slug ammunition This allows two important things to happen simultaneously consistent slug RPM speeds as nbsp 12 Feb 2020 So I have been searching for some Lightfield 3. UPC 47700314105 Nov 14 2009 I used to shoot Lightfield slugs and grouped them well at 100 yards. Lately I decided to try rifled slugs instead of expensive sabots. 10 spare Mags handy in the Tact Vest. One of the guys at Williams Gunsight I talked to said that in his experience these guns seem to like the 2 3 4 quot slugs better because of the slower velocity. Lightfield Ammunition specializes in manufacturing the hardest hitting most accurate saboted slugs available. At 50 yards the slug will be 2 1 2 inches higher. I purchased a NEF 20 Gauge full rifled bull barrel break open single shot to hunt deer here in Southwestern Michigan which is a shotgun muzzle loader only area. Mar 28 2015 This is from a smoothbore 18 quot barrel by the way. Adelphia NJ Lightfield Ammunition Corporation the industry leader in big game hunting slug munitions has announced the launch of a new line of Zombie ammunition. Rifled shotguns are more so than any other type of gun I 39 ve ever shot extremely picky about the type of sabot slugs they like to shoot. Plus high performance match grade and self defense ammo.

It has been headquartered in Coaticook Quebec Canad The trajectory of Lightfield slugs does not drop extensively and at 100 yards to 125 yards the sabot slug should be dead on. So I cut down my NEF single shot in 20ga to 181 2 quot for carrying in my pack along with my pistol. Laserwizard Jul 24 2012 Nov 08 2019 Josh Lounsbury shows his 2009 opening day Thumb coyote and plump doe taken seconds apart using a single shot T C Encore 20 ga and Lightfield slugs. Two years ago I had trouble finding the felt wadded slugs and bought the Black Magic slugs offered by Brenneke. Hollow Base weight way forward. In the United States shooters are most often only acquainted with his shotgun slugs but unfamiliar with his rifle cartridges and the unique TIG and TUG bullets loaded in Continue Reading Jan 12 2017 Photography and Camera News Reviews and Inspiration. Any amount of slug ammo is heavy Bud 39 s charges 10 where others for the same order charge 20 to 30. Not the biggest in the world but the meat will still be tasty in my chili and grilled tenderloins. Lightfield is a very good slug with rifling and won 39 t drop like those Remington do. Designed specifically for rifled barrels. At 50 yards the Hornadys shot a 3 inch group. It s a cryin shame for a lot of reasons says Brian Smith co host of Lightfield Wild Adventures TV. Our Sales staff cannot forecast price or availability of Wish List items. 0 quot for a 3shot 100yrd group. Most modern shotgun slugs are designed with two primary usages Hunting and Defense.

62x25 Tokarev 9mm Luger 10mm AUTO. The Russian Slugs are similar in that they also have hollow bases. With 90 of my deer hunting done with a slug gun I have tried many types of slugs and often found Foster slugs to not exit even on broadside deer. And that 00 double aught buckshot is great for self defense while slugs are one solid piece of lead. Thats an annoying thing about slugs. They may be out of production now but I am not sure. In the sabots the Federal Barnes Expander Remington Copper Solids Win. The 2 guys shooting the buck were aiming uphill and the shot of the buck they allegedly shoot is a downhill camera angle in a much different lighting. It shoots a lightfield slug into a teeny tight group. Oct 13 2009 Post subject LIGHTFIELD 3. I spent a ton when I first got the shotgun and tested a bunch of different saboted slugs. Brian state you can use it to deter Knowing the slug s trajectory is important too. Made an appointment was about an hour late although I told them about what time. The soft lead slug and attached sabot travel to the target together the sabot providing stability for the projectile and enhancing accuracy.

What Happened to the mangum spinnerbaits Federal P209TC Vital Shok Trophy Copper Sabot Slug 20GA 3 quot 5 8oz Sabot Slug Shot 5sh Box Your Price 12. At PRIME Ammunition we believe that with great freedom comes great responsibility and our Constitutional Rights can only be fully realized if we are able to put the right bullet in the right place at the right time for the right reason. The new line is a non projectile mega blank round thus called Zombie Blaster Ammo . I 39 ve been buying what I 39 ve shot through Bud 39 s as they have had the lowest shipping expense. We ve partnered with the largest and most well know hunting brands to bring you a vast array and selection of the highest quality hunting gear and accessories It has killed every deer it was shot at since that time and dramatically 12 ga slug is overkill for deer . But my son has convinced me finally that a shotgun is more versatile under certain circumstances. Read More News gt RE Lightfield Slugs i was lucky to fire these rounds first in my rifled moss. Sep 02 2007 Hornandy SST Slugs This will be my third season using them. It is a true Dangerous Game slug bullet that will stand up against the most severe tests It is cast from our standard bullet alloy and heat treated. My own personal story happened a couple years later. The sabot can consistently group well at 200 yards plus once Hybred EXP shotgun ammunition is designed for maximum expansion on game. Laser Plus slug ammo is offered in 12 and 20 gauge both in 23 4 inch and 3 inch. Their 12 gauge sabot is a 1 1 4 ounce 16 gauge diameter slug with a plastic base wad that is locked onto the slug. Mid range up to 400 yards MAX. I thought that the spring was the culprit. I was shooting a Browning A bolt 12 gauge with Lightfield slugs. Field Grade Joined Wed Oct 07 2009 12 23 am Posts 52 Mar 29 2013 Earlier this month I was hanging out with Lightfield 39 s Brian Smith checking out their line of less lethal shotgun slug products. Back in 2014 the light field camera company Lytro unveiled the 1 600 Illum a camera of the future that shoots 40 Megaray photos and Currently we recommend Lightfield Federal Winchester and Hornady.

Tim Yes this ammunition will work just fine in most modern semi auto handguns including the S amp W M amp P M2. These include Guns Ammunition Optics Shooting Equipment Firearm Accessories Storage and Security. The smaller group is with the Brenneke 2 3 4 quot Green Lightning and the larger is with the 3 quot Brenneke Black Magic slug load that launches a . The result is the most effective game dropping performance of any known deer slug. I purchased some Remington Buckhammer slugs to sight in with. Lightfield has set the bar for quality sabot slug ammunition In the late 1970 s the Lightfield Ammunition Corporation perfected the saboted slug while designing munitions for the U. right dead center in the brisket. great shooting and great terminal The animal has a tendency to not get up and run when that happens. So I can use it Nov 20 2019 Connie was hesitant to try for a shot because she didn t want to just injure the buck but Marty let her know that her H amp R 20 gauge shotgun and its Lightfield load were fully capable and so was Probably the worst ever. Designed and Perfected for the U. Aug 22 2013 Love mine accurate as hell with lightfield slugs. If you re anything like me you try to be a skeptical Grinch about all things New Year. These slugs are significantly less expensive than the saboted variety and price is the biggest driver of American retail. We grabbed the man and we took him to the hospital. Police were there a few minutes later. A few years later I got an itch to try all of the testing again.

1 Dec 2011 The Lightfield Hybred series of sabot slugs uses an hour glass happen simultaneously consistent slug RPM speeds as determined by your nbsp 31 Aug 2015 Bad things can happen to a slow slug between here and there. 7 MB The lightfield slug from the 20 gauge entered directly behind the front shoulder took out both lungs and lodged in the far side skin. Mimi Shagaga Licensed Clinical Psychologist it s totally normal to feel uncomfortable at first. I put cabelas 3 9x40 slug Hunter scopes on them. Aug 10 2006 Hard to beat my Winchester Model 12 Pump . The slugs were Remington Copper Solids which are my go to slugs when I want to shoot a good group out of almost any gun. Jan 27 2009 Two deer happened to be in the right place at the right time. ID 1765216 Category Ammo gt Slugs. Jan 25 2016 Shotgun Ammunition for Hunting and for Home Defense. They have consistant accuracy out of the two rifled shotguns I have. Dec 05 2007 I 39 ve used Lightfield in the past and currently use them in my fathers 20 ga. The Lightfield Commander IDS Plus was designed as a high velocity extremely stable extended range Sabot Slug for use in modern rifled barrel shotguns. H and R ultra slug with lightfield slugs will shoot a 1 inch to 2 inch group at 100 yards. A follow up series Lightfields was broadcast in 2013. What are everyone 39 s different New Zombie Blaster Ammunition now available. We even offer Tactical Bags and Accessories Black Powder Airsoft Guns.

The accuracy is similar to that of a typical rifle. Due to safety considerations and legal regulatory reasons Ammunition may not be returned. 2 3 4 quot 1 1 4 oz Slug By adding this item to your WishList you will be notified automatically via email when this item 39 s price has dropped. I just bought 2 of these one for me one for my wife. Jul 08 2016 ADELPHIA NJ There is no doubt some slug gun hunters march to the beat of a different drummer. While Lightfield 39 s offering excel for defense hunters are not forgotten with both light and heavy recoil loads for added knock down power. Once big hole at 50 yards with all shots touching. and I 39 m going to try to sight it in before next weekend. 45 caliber bullets Wooden box with numerous rounds of Winchester . Lightfield Sabot Dec 27 2003 Guns Remington Copper Solid Having problems with the Remington Copper Solid sabot slugs I currently use. Notes Nov 18 2019 Re Lightfield Sabot Slugs My Mossberg 835 with 1 35 twist loved the Lightfields had to try other brands when I ran out. Unfortunately the accuracy of a lead ball fired from a smooth bore barrel is pretty sad. May 05 2016 The best lightfield things were gone the above are brandables really. Lightfield takes this proven performance to the next level with its Commander Sabot Slug Shotshells. If you are looking for maximum performance check out Although Hybred slugs set high performance levels on their own development continues at Lightfield with the most recent advancement being a load called Bucks Boars amp Bears LBBB . If you re shooting smoothbore I read a lot good about the new Federal TruBall rifled slug. 38 All Hornady ammunition is loaded using premium cartridge cases with most being made on site at the Hornady case production plant. ran about 30 40 yrds and collapsed.

Susan King is a former entertainment writer at the Los Angeles Times who specialized in Classic Hollywood stories. Mar 30 2018 The Dixie IXL DGS is . When I got to the range I couldn 39 t believe what was happening. Just as seriously those full diameter . Find single boxes and bulk ammo from top brands like Federal Tula and Winchester. Just for fun one day I took my Remington 870 out with a rifled slug barrel and scope. This is particularly true if you use specially developed Lightfield slugs which have a unique post wad that wedges forward. This is my opinion but here are my reasons 1. Killed a deer with it a week later. 2 3 4 quot 1500 velocity shells. In addition to 16 gauge shotgun shells we also carry all other gauges of shotgun ammo as well as rifle ammunition and pistol ammunition. I know gun is over for the year but I just wanted to make a few observations and pose a question or two. quot Ammunition from this collection is manufactured with premium materials and chemicals which helps ensure consistent flight and power. Lightfield Ammunition Corp 912 HWY 33 . 5 quot RMC brass cases in the 1887 Win levergun. The slugs are bullet shaped and the range is considerably more than a smooth bore shooting slugs. and Lightfield Bucks Bears amp Boars 2 3 4 12 ga. Meet three new loads that get more from 224 Valkyrie.

In 1932 Fred Barnes began selling bullets made in his Bayfield Colorado basement workshop. document ALPHA Bullet Family of Ammunition Lightfield Ammunition Corp pdf 4. The rifled slugs are designed to fire through a rifled barrel. Marchlands is a British television series developed from the American television drama pilot The Oaks written and created by David Schulner broadcast on ITV1 in 2011. Levergun has 34 quot smooth barrel and with chamber for 3. Dropped both with a quickness. i had hiked about 45 minutes up to the top of a ridge and sat down for the eveningafter a little while i had a nice buck come over Sep 11 2016 12GA Shotgun 18 barrel short stock extended tube alternate 00 Buck and Rifled Slugs 2 5 round cuffs hanging on the side. I have no idea what happened to him after that. The deer seem to go down just as fast as the lightfield slugs I used for many years. I have shot 12ga lightfield 2 3 4 quot slugs at an old trucks doors and it didn 39 t pass through both. Ammunition from this collection is manufactured with premium materials and chemicals which helps ensure consistent flight and power. Utilizing the patented technology that goes into all of Lightfield 39 s Commander line of shells these shells will outperform Lightfield Ammunition Corp East Freehold New Jersey. Anyone seeing them anywhere Father in law shoots them Nov 18 2016 I have experimented with slugs for over 30 years because I wanted to improve the performance of the police style riot gun. Forget about trying different slugs every year and struggling with shot groupings. We then loaded the magazine tube with two Hornady 4 buckshot shells two Speer Lawman 00 buckshot shells two Remington Express 00 buckshot shells and two Lightfield slugs.

3x74 left barrel goes to sights and only then with Lightfield Low Recoil slugs. 12ga slugs in most cases do have great short range knock down power and have been used in 12 bore double rifles in Africa many years ago. Aug 22 2012 After two or three hits of Bean Bag Rubber Buckshot or Rubber Slug 99. Ammunition must ship UPS ground. With a slug gun you ve got to hold the forend fairly tightly. Now available for 20 gauge shooters the recoil often experienced in heavier 12 gauge loads will be noticeably less. Excellerate Soccer Training 07728 . As the respective makers of the outstanding Model 870 and Model 500 Big Green and Mossy have the shared reputation for developing and successfully selling the two most popular pump action shotguns in history. After spending a bunch of money on testing multiple sabots the 835 likes the Federal Fusion sabot slug 12ga 3 7 8oz MV 1700 FPS. Shop for Ammunition Accessories in Firearm Components. I just bought two packages of Lightfield Commander IDS 1 1 16 oz Sabot slugs. I couldn 39 t tell til I went to gut it and saw his man parts down there lol. I shppt a Marlin 512 with Lightfield slugs. Jul 26 2012 Remington 11 87 with Hastings full rifled barrel with Nikon BDC Slug Hunter scope shooting Hastings 3 quot mag slugs give me a 1. There are other offerings that call themselves DGS Dangerous Game Slugs that are nothing more than swaged lead. Wadlock barrels unlike the traditional smoothbore barrel are designed with six straight lands and . We ll cover basic target birdshot 8 9 is great for clay shooting buckshot and slugs. Yes rifled slugs out of a rifled slug barrel. Kyle enjoyed shooting the H amp R with Lightfield slugs on my shooting range and I could sense he felt confident and comfortable with it which says a lot towards success in the field. Jorgy if this is what you shot through that Hastings Barrel there is a really good chance that you ruined the rifling in it.

The range was about 115 yards which is a bit of a Ammunition at Wholesale Hunter Wholesale Hunter is your one stop shop for ammunition. 5 cartridges with so much more velocity than other major magnum brand slugs How is the extreme velocity accomplished Please specify. There are 5 Dixie Gunworks MZ slugs 6 slugs from Lyman moulds I know of. to 2H7Lq6Y PATREON https www. DOUBLE CLICK the video to watch it larger. Buy products such as Crosman 12 Gram CO2 Powerlet Cartridges For Use With Air Rifles And Air Pistols 40 Count at Walmart and save. Here is the final film for the Mars Habitation competition for NASA A wonderful project to work on and our personal endeavours were completely matched by the HASSELL Nov 29 2017 I can feed it 2 1 2 Lightfield also with the same point of impact with a 4x scope. You will need to provide basic information about what happened to the responding officers. Remember for birdshot the larger the the smaller the pellets. No call no apology from sales manager. Dec 01 2010 The day after my e mail to Lightfield I get a phone call. By using the tightest manufacturing specs in the industry we provide shotgun slug hunters with the most accurate ammunition in the field. When autoplay is enabled a suggested nbsp Lightfield Ammunition Corporation specializes in manufacturing the hardest hitting most accurate saboted slugs available to today 39 s hunters for use in their rifled nbsp Lightfield Ammunition Corporation specializes in manufacturing the hardest hitting most accurate saboted slugs available to today 39 s hunters for use in their rifled nbsp The Lightfield Hybred series utilizes a pure lead hour glass shaped slug. I was going to try if I can find them in my area Lightfield 39 s 3 inch Hybred Elite Magnum Slugs. Dixie Slugs will continue to give personal service to our customer base We will continue to post honest tests results about our ammo line and use the highest quality components in our ammo Our Board of Advisors are spread over our market area and will continue to test our ammo and give constant feedback on trends in their areas 16 Gauge Shotgun Shells for sale online in our ammunition store and gun shop at discount prices. You may be identified as the bad guy until the truth is known.

Unfortunatly the last time I went to buy some they were all out. Mar 18 2016 Taurus Judge S amp W Governor . This gun mirrored the Mossberg with performance. They happened to be just as accurate for me. Dec 12 2014 Page 1 of 3 Savage 220 posted in Guns Loads Optics and Gear for Varmint Hunting My go to deer gun has been a 12ga H amp R Ultra Deluxe Slug Hunter for many years. Technically it s a new year and a new Box of Lightfield 12 gauge slugs Six Winchester 9 pellet buckshot shells 12 gauge Two Remington 12 gauge slugs Winchester 12 gauge 9 pellet buck 10 rounds of Winchester 12 gauge 9 pellet buck Planters can with numerous . I have an H amp R ultra slug hunter 12 gauge with a heavy barrel and am using Lightfield 2 3 4 EXP. Even got a 385gr in BPI sabot to target straight. 578 quot Lee molds for 500gr 460 gr 350gr etc slugs Oct 08 2015 If you re discussing 12 gauge shotguns of the pump action variety there is an excellent chance that you re talking about Remington or Mossberg. Hit play and ten click the quot HD quot button below the video. Partition Gold and Remington Accutip slugs performed well. 5 inch slug out of a Mossberg 535 rifled barrel Duration 0 07. You 39 ll appreciate the years of experience that went into designing these modern high tech bullets. first buck i shot was at i 39 d say 40 rds. Upon impact the slug expands dramatically and with devastating effect. When I cut one open it looked like a torpedo.

Ammunition Shotshells PASSION ALL Waterfowl Upland Turkey Big Game Small Game Tactical Predator amp Varmint Range amp Recreation Personal Protection Home Security Competition GAUGE ALL . 56 223 AR15 30 round mag and one in the pipe. By Tom McHale Tom explores the importance of AR 15 Barrel Twist Rates. I would suggest two slugs for you to consider. The Green Lightning fires a 484 grain slug at about 1 500 fps. The shotgun with those 350 Grain slugs almost shoots 2000 FPS very nice for a shotgun. Jun 17 2019 Our Faces When the NFA was Passed if we had been alive in 1934 We ve had a few significant changes since 1934. 1 975 likes 4 talking about this 30 were here. In the old days before rifling I used 1 oz winchesters. 3 Industrial Court Freehold Township . Jun 13 2020 Feature Image By LightField Studios Shutterstock For some reason telling our partner what we want to change or try or stop in our sex lives is terrifying. The one it shot the best was the 2 3 4 quot Lightfield EXP. The Shield EZ 9 mm will handle any ammo out there. Since both boxes had the same lot they asked me to send back both the spent hulls and the unshot shells so they could do some testing. I am not a LEO thus I am not exempt from anything but we do have the stand your ground law here now for what that means.

The Lightfield Hybred EXP Design The Lightfield Hybred EXP Maximum Expansion cartridge has a two sided sabot that keys to four tabs on the slug itself 1 2 . The new kid on the block is Lightfield. And that 39 s not all these are packin 39 behind the slug is an Impact nbsp UPC 784268203457. BB or birdshot is obviously for birds while 4 is much larger shot and the 00 or double aught is considerable larger still. Two deer happened to be in the right place a the right time. Jan 13 2013 Saboted slugs have lead cores with a copper jacket. The design allows the slug to engage the rifling and spin once it leaves the muzzle. 5 quot group at 100 yards and 3 quot at 200 yards. My Winchester 1300 12ga responds well to From 1993 to the present TarHunt has sold bolt action slug guns domestically to Europe African and Japanese markets. Your guide to hunting fishing shooting and all things outdoor from the experts at Whitetail Journal Predator Xtreme and Bowhunting World magazines. Sight in on a calm day a 10 mile per hour gust of wind can move the sabot 4 to the right or left. Apr 18 2019 This is a minute of angle slug gun right from the first group fired. Knowing the slug s trajectory is important too. Many years ago I was a field tester for Lightfield slugs and I usually drove out to PA to pick them up. We have refined and perfected this science with our top three most popular 12 gauge Hybred ammunitions the LitesW the EXPY quot and Apr 23 2012 SUPPORT US BY PURCHASING A MAN CAN https iraqveteran8888.

Instead they will ideally respond by offering a sincere apology and a solution to the problem this is a strong reflection on how they will treat customers in person according to Semenova. Nov 14 2005 By the way Lightfield Slugs shoot quite accurately and a lot of guys use them. We carry 223 Remington ammo from top brand ammo manufacturers such as Federal Remington Winchester Hornady PMC and others. I had shot one of the boxes but I saved the spent shells. See full list on sportsmansguide. Aug 01 2020 The shotgun is unique since there are so many different types of ammunition. 00 a box I can only buy so much at a time. they ran with it for a while then shipped production to south america. I distinctly remember the shape of the slug and I think it was along the 500 600gr category a polyethylene 3 part sabot. 410 bore 10 gauge 12 gauge 16 gauge 20 gauge 28 gauge Live Insurance The Black Magic Magnum 12 GA 3 is one of the most powerful cartridges available on the market. At 50 yards the slug will be 2 1 2 inches higher. Oct 01 2000 In 1993 a small New Jersey firm developed the Lightfield Hybrid sabot an almost bore diameter slug in a thinwalled two piece capsule. The Light fields shots were touching. I assume that slugs from the shotgun barrels are going to react somewhat like bullets from double rifles. Search from our broad selection of categories. I went to the range last week to sight it in and was grouping 3 shots in a single hole 4 inches high at 50 yards I could not believe the accuracy of this combination anyway I ran out of ammo.

These slugs are powerful they pound the shoulder and they get the job done. 5 quot Federal Classic 2 3 4 quot Sabots 2 quot Lightfield 2 3 4 quot 538gr Hybrids 6 quot Of these slugs the Federal Premium Sabots were the best performers giving groups of around 1 2 quot at 50 yards. Rubber bullet Plastic bullet The proper name for these types of less lethal ammunition is baton round. And that 39 s not all these are packin 39 behind the slug is an Impact Discarding Sabot that stabilizes flight and discards when it finds its mark. If it leads up just clean it up We were told we were supposed to relax. The slug is for large game and it can be used for home defense as well. Aguila Ammunition is one of the world 39 s largest producers of ammunition. com On the range I started out with the Lightfield Rubber Slug round. This attached wad gives the slugs stability in flight. Denver during the mid to late summer has a monsoon season where almost every day about 4 pm an intense thunderstorm rolls through town. This control is more apparent the faster you fire the shotgun. 5 quot long cases it is run as singleshot. Used cheap Remington Slugger ammo 23 4 . Going on a hunting trip soon Look no further than Gander Outdoors. 480 per round In stock Purchase Now View Details quot This is the worst thing that ever happened to me quot Believing that every failure or setback is the worst it could be with no option for a turnaround is a recipe for depression says Eliza Belle May 16 2009 Here is a video from last deer season.

I liked them so much I bought a life times supply of them. Jul 07 2016 Lightfield Ammunition boasts that their slugs combined Tarhunt s RSG 12 Professional bolt action shot gun can shoot effectively out to 200 yards. She also wrote about independent foreign and studio movies and occasionally TV Ammunition at Wholesale Hunter Wholesale Hunter is your one stop shop for ammunition. They shoot very accurately out of my Browning Cantilever. 12 13 for a box of Lightfields Thanks Greg. I 39 ve probably got 5 or 6 different kinds of slugs laying around to try out with my new gun. My suggestion would be to try a couple different brands to see which your gun prefers. Lightfield Hybred Expansion 12 Ga. I once shot a big whitetail quartering towards me in the shoulder and the slug ended up in the opposite butt cheek. 5 quot SLUGS What will happen in my 3 quot Benelli SBE Posted Wed Oct 07 2009 4 03 am . We got back in the rig hit reverse and backed down the road as fast as we can while I got on the radio and explained what had happened. Please check local laws before ordering.

I did the same with my H amp R Ultra Slug Hunter. what happened to lightfield slugs

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